Ebook Deals of the Day

There are several really good ebooks on sale this week! My Lady Jane is one of my favorite books that I ever got in one of my Owlcrates and they just revealed the cover for My Plain Jane that comes out next year (WHYYYYYY????!!) and I’m super excited about it! The Crown’s Game was a good read, I also got to meet the author Evelyn Sky when she came through on the Epic Reads tour and it was fascinating to hear her background and why she focused on Russian History. Very interesting story. I also got to meet Kimberley McCreight the author of the Outliers at the same tour! The other three are on my TBR, I have seen both the movie and the Broadway show of The Color Purple but I have yet to read the book. I’m considering setting a goal in 2018 to read a classic one a month or something like that..


I’m not sure when these deals expire so get them for dirt cheap prices before they are gone!

BTW I DON”T get paid to promote these. I just get a lot of deals sent to my inbox and I want to share them with book lovers!

Happy Reading!


Epic Reads Meet Up – Bookish

img_2550Last week I got to attend my very first author event! Sadly not many people feel the need to visit Oklahoma or any of the other fly over states near me so I haven’t had a chance to go to a signing. So when I saw that EpicReads was doing a meet up in Edmond Ok, (about an hour from where I live) I was on it! The were four authors that were visiting:

This meet up was very different then I expected. It wasn’t just a line up and get your book signed and picture with the author type of event. We had 4 chair circles that the authors would sit in for about 15-20 minutes and talk about their book, sign books we had, answer questions and discuss the books and the inspirations behind them before moving on to the next group. It was so much more personal then I expected and I am very grateful for it!

The first author that came to our little circle was Evelyn Skye. She was the one I was most excited to meet since I had binge read her books the month before! She was very nice and so interesting! She almost had a job in the CIA because of her degree in Russian History! She almost gave up writing after 8 books didn’t get published, but then she wrote The Crown’s Game and the rest is history!

She brought a “fan copy” of her book for us all to sign. I think that is so cool, it was so full of signatures and notes! I signed somewhere in the back.


The second author was Kim McCreight. I hadn’t read any of her books yet but Reconstructing Amelia is on my TBR and after talking with her, The Outliers and The Scattering are now on my TBR as well.


The next author that came by our circle was Joelle Charbonneau. Her book Dividing Eden had just released that day and I was so excited for it. I called up to the bookstore hosting the meet up to make sure I had a copy held for me! Joelle was very eccentric but I loved it! She talked about her observations on twins for her book which was fascinating!


The last author was Julie Murphy and she was awesome! She was so funny and light hearted and she’s from Texas so it’s almost like we’re neighbors (haha)! After listening to her talk about her books I have added Dumplin and Ramona Blue to my TBR. She describes Dumplin as Julie on the outside and Ramona Blue as Julie on the inside.

It was so great getting to meet all these authors and get my books signed (and PERSONALIZED!) After meeting them I feel a special connection to them and their books. I want to read them all and will probably read whatever they publish next. Does anyone else feel this way when they meet authors?

Also 2 out 4 of these authors said they loved my hair and that is was gorgeous. So they love my hair, I love their books so now we’re best friends obviously! 😜

Thanks Epic Reads and Best of Books in Edmond, Ok for putting on this awesome meet up!

All the book swag I got from the meet up!