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Hi guys! Happy Monday! As I have mentioned before I am a rep for Drawn to the Pages an etsy shop specializing in watercolored design. She started out with gorgeous watercolored bookmarks, but now she is also selling amazingly beautiful mugs, coasters, keychains, Game of Thrones inspired dragon eggs and we are expecting new surprise products in this months rep package! She has really branched out from just starting a few months ago!

I’m so excited to show you some of her newest products! First are the mugs, that I adore! This first one is a design thats a little tricky for photographing but I still love it! It says Book Nerd and curves around the side of the mug in a chevron pattern. I have this design in bookmark form, and mug form and still need to get it in coaster form. Love it! The second mug is the Hogwarts school crest done in watercolor. So beautiful! And it matches my deathly hallows bookmark!


Next are the keychains. I just have one right now but I’m eyeing a few more in her shop.


Then there are the coasters which might be my new obsession! I have an Expresso Patronum one, an Angelic Rune one and Hogwarts crest one and I’m eyeing the new Outlander ones she just posted to her shop!



And of course she still has her beautiful watercolored bookmarks!


Thats it for now! I should be getting my next rep package any day now and I can’t wait to share it with you! If you follow me on instagram you can see my unboxing videos and first look at the products! And don’t forget my code TAYLORTAKES15 saves you 15% off your order!



So waaaaaay back in September Husband and I took our first vacation as a married couple. And where did we go? THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY FREAKING POTTER OF COURSE!! PBT--4

And it was, dare I say, MAGICAL. Sorry, I went there. But Siriusly , it was one of the best trips I have ever taken in my life. We spent 3 days at Universal Orlando and 96% of that time was either spent in Diagon Ally or Hogsmead! It was amazing. A trip every potter head should make! A few notable things:

  • Frozen Butterbeer. Enough said.
  • Butterbeer Icecream = Heavenly
  • Interactive Wands are worth the $$$
  • The spells are harder then they look. (don’t judge me you muggles)
  • We were actually on the younger side of the age curve. Didn’t see that coming
  • I about died when I walked into Diagon Ally for the first time. I literally was crying tears of joy.
  • I almost repeated this while boarding the Hogwarts Express.
  • We ate at the both the Leaky Cauldron and The Three Broomsticks. I felt like a legit wizard.
  • Sadly the Night Bus is permanently parked..
  • Butterbeer Icecream
  • You can still walk through Hogwarts Castle even if your broken and defective and can’t ride roller coasters.
  • The shows throughout the day were amazing. I should have gone to college in Orlando, that would have been a much cooler summer job then slaving away at Old Navy.
  • Kreacher peaks his head out at you at 12. Grimmauld Place. You can smile at him but he won’t smile back.
  • The amount of detail put into Diagon Ally was crazy ridiculous and I’m not talking about the spell to fight off a bogart.
  • The sound track to the movies plays in the background the entire time which is magical in and of itself!
  • Wealey Wizard Weezes might be the most magical of all the stores, it really feels like you stepped directly into Half Blood Prince! Next time we go I am going to clean that store out!
  • Moaning Myrtle haunts the ladies toilet in Hogsmede.
  • Gillywater tastes like tap water. Not magical at all.
  • Did I mention they have Butterbeer Icecream
  •  We bought enough candy from Honeydukes to fill a small suitcase. Sirius-ly. It rode coach.
  • Pumpkin Juice is gross but I drank that nastiness like the wizard I am!
  • According to a local we chatted with while in line for Butterbeer – September is the best month to visit Orlando and Universal. Who knew!?

This was such a fun trip! We are planning a return, hopefully next year, and it can’t come soon enough!!

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone



Between The Pages – Bookish

So I have the privilege to be a representative for the Etsy shop Drawn to the Pages for the next few months. Drawn to the Pages offers some of the most beautiful bookmark designs out there!

For those of you who haven’t seen the reps for different shops/businesses ( they are a huge presence on instagram) basically a instagramer/blogger/insertsocialmediaplatformhere-er promote a shop’s products with creative pictures and a discount code and get product and/or a discount in exchange for the promotion. Simply enough.

I am so excited to be a rep and especially for Drawn to the Pages! I got my first rep package in earlier this month and I felt like I hit the jack pot! She included so many of my favorite designs, I couldn’t wait to start taking pictures. It’s been a pretty rainy May in Oklahoma this year so I have had to fight for sunlight to take my pictures, but I got quite a few done. If you follow me on instagram (taylortakesphotos  = shameless advertising.. ) then you have seen some of these pictures show up in your feed. If not check out these awesome bookmarks she sent me!

Save 15% on anything from Drawn to the Pages with the code TAYLORTAKES15
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If you are interested in Drawn to the Page‘s designs (and there are SOOO many more in her Etsy shop then what little I have here) you can save 15% off your purchase with the code TAYLORTAKES15And if you purchase anything from her let me know, I’d love to see your pictures!

Happy Shopping! signature-1

Goodreads Reading Challange

I am over halfway through my 2017 reading challenge on Goodreads! 51/100 new books. I’m 11 books ahead on my progress so that means I have plenty of time to reread some old favorites. I’m thinking maybe Six of Crows, or The Infernal Devices, or Mara Dyer or Throne of Glass series or catch up on my S Town and Dear Hank and John podcasts!

The Joy of Audiobooks – Bookish

Goodreads has an awesome post on their blog about audio books. It got me thinking about how much I love them and the reasons why.


I didn’t start listening to audiobooks until about 4 years ago when I started my current 8-5 office job. I was staring at a computer screen editing photos for 8 hours a day 40 days a week in utter silence (my co-workers didn’t believe in talking apparently). I got sick of listening to music within 2 weeks. . . so I turned to podcasts but couldn’t find one I liked at the time. So I googled Free Audiobooks and listened to A Little Princess and then The Swiss Family Robinson. Then I visited my library and checked out The Bourne Identity on audio CD. While checking it out my librarian introduced me to Overdrive and the Oklahoma Virtual Library and the rest is history.

I love the Virtual Library because I can checkout and return books from anywhere at anytime, I still visit my library often but I love the convenience of it.

  • I love how I can just put my earphones in and lose myself in my book and my work at the same time.
  • Ever hear of the quote “so many books, so little time”? I have a TBR list miles long, Listening to audiobooks helps me get through a lot of the books on my list.
  • Listening to books while I work actually makes me 10x more productive.
  • I don’t usually listen to book at home, I like to read hard copy books at home, but when I’m having trouble sleeping sometimes a good audiobook can help.
  • Narrators can make a good book great. A great narrator can really grab my attention and pull me into the story. Some of my favorite narrators are Jim Dale – Harry Potter, Rebecca Soler – The Lunar Chronicles, Sarah Drew – Delirium, Will Patton – The Raven Cycle, Jesse Esienburg – The Curse Workers just to name a few.
  • Long boring car ride but you can’t read a book because it makes you sick? Audiobook FTW.

I could go on and on but I think you catch my drift.

Take a look at Goodreads’s blog post and goodreads users comments about aduiobooks!

Goodreads Users Share Their Love Of Aduiobooks

Do you listen to Audiobooks? I would love to hear what you like about them!