Ebook Deals of the Day

There are several really good ebooks on sale this week! My Lady Jane is one of my favorite books that I ever got in one of my Owlcrates and they just revealed the cover for My Plain Jane that comes out next year (WHYYYYYY????!!) and I’m super excited about it! The Crown’s Game was a good read, I also got to meet the author Evelyn Sky when she came through on the Epic Reads tour and it was fascinating to hear her background and why she focused on Russian History. Very interesting story. I also got to meet Kimberley McCreight the author of the Outliers at the same tour! The other three are on my TBR, I have seen both the movie and the Broadway show of The Color Purple but I have yet to read the book. I’m considering setting a goal in 2018 to read a classic one a month or something like that..


I’m not sure when these deals expire so get them for dirt cheap prices before they are gone!

BTW I DON”T get paid to promote these. I just get a lot of deals sent to my inbox and I want to share them with book lovers!

Happy Reading!


3 thoughts on “Ebook Deals of the Day

  1. You know, every time I see My Lady Jane I scroll on by. Why? I know how that story ends (in the historical sense) and don’t particularly want to read about it (even though I am a huge fan of historical fiction). However, saw it here, finally decided to read the synopsis. A historical fiction comedy?! That sounds amazing! I now regret every single time I have scrolled on by for months. Definitely want to read that!

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    1. Oh my gosh YES! This a comedy for sure! They still follow history to a point until they completely throw it out the window! I highly recommend it, I believe I reviewed it on here somewhere, I’ll have to link it. But that’s what they do, they take a famous Jane and slightly rewrite it hilariously. The next book My Plain Jane is retelling the story of Jane Eyre. They are rewriting as “an adventure of gothic proportions” and there is a ghost hunt involved! I’ll stop fangirling.. I hope you enjoy it! And if not.. hey, it was only $2!


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